Clone Crate provides complete propagation kits for growers

Seed and Clone Rooting Equipment Top quality products and the expertise to use them well

Starting with strong and healthy plants is the key to having a successful garden. Clone Crate provides all of the tools and equipment necessary to create the healthiest plants possible.

With 3 kits available we are certain to have a solution that will work for your specific needs allowing you to produce your own clones and young plants for years to come.

Clone Crate Kits

Browse Clone Crate kits designed to propagate 6, 12, or 50 plants at a time. Kits are complete and designed to create the strongest clones or seedlings possible.

Clone Lighting Solutions

Clone Crate offers a number of lighting solutions tailored specifically for cloning and early plant growth.

Clone Machines

Clone Crate offers a number of hydroponic solutions for plant propagation. Clone Crate cloning machines create the strongest plats in the shortest amount of time.

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